The origin of painting on glass dates back to antiquity, and in the Middle Ages it was an element of decoration for religious buildings throughout Europe. The further increase in the popularity of painting on glass took place in the 16th century, due to the dynamic development of glassworks and the glass industry. The popularity of this form of painting in Poland has been quite unique in the world. In our country, it began to develop in the 18th century in almost all regions, reaching a high artistic level. The real flowering of the art of painting on glass occurred in the 19th century. At that time, paintings on glass were widely used as a decoration style of peasant huts. In the 1870s, with the change of fashion, this art began to disappear. It was „rediscovered” and popularized at the beginning of the 20th century by Polish avant-garde artists. Folk painting on glass is usually inspired by sacred themes, but also presents genre scenes related to daily village life, secular customs, legends and stories. It is cultivated by both amateur and professional folk artists. In Poland, the greatest number of artists working with this technique come from the Podhale region.