Anna Bogucka was born and lives in Zakopane. As she says about herself, her paintings on glass are created from „an internal compulsion to create”. Anna Bogucka has been inspired by the richness of Podhale art for years and is strongly associated with the region, which can be seen in her paintings. The artist draws partially from the traditional style of painting in the Tatra Mountains region, but you can see in her paintings a lightness and a way of interpretation akin to Chagall’s art. Anna Bogucka takes up various themes in her work: religious motifs, life scenes and symbolic interpretations of trees and nature. Her painting enchants with its spontaneity and original character. The artist has received many awards and distinctions in art competitions in Poland and abroad. She gladly presents her works at various collective and her own individual exhibitions. Her paintings can be found in the collections of museums of ethnography in Poland and in private collections in Poland and abroad. Her greatest achievements include receiving the 2006 Ars Populi statuette of the Władysław Hasior Prize. The painter is a member of the Folk Artists’ Association and the Polish Highlanders Union. She is also a talented poet. Anna Bogucka’s works can be admired in her private gallery, which she manages with her husband Eugeniusz Bogucki, a famous sculptor, at ul. Smrekowa 11 in Zakopane.

photos: Adrian Krawczyk