Bogdan Dziadzio was born in 1958 in Zakopane. He is a teacher by profession. He started his artistic activity in 1985 by exploring icon painting. From the very beginning, a specific interpretation of images as icons was also present in his painting on glass. In this genre, Bogdan Dziadzio mainly interprets religious scenes. His works usually portray a single person or group of people. The artist uses golden paint and contours in an original way, and the backgrounds of his portraits are characterized by multicolored depths that give the paintings an internal dynamism. Bogdan Dziadzio also sculpts and makes medical and anatomical drawings, which are used in medical publications. His desire to search for expression in other techniques, resulted in sculptures and painting on glass complemented with frames of his own design. Bogdan Dziadzio has participated in dozens of exhibitions in Poland, as well as abroad in the USA, Finland, France and Germany. His works are included in Polish and foreign private collections. The artist is also involved in decorating religious buildings. His paintings decorate the parish church in Cruz Machado in Brazil, the Monastery of the Pauline Fathers in Passau, Germany, and the chapel in the Retreat House of the Congregation of Marian Fathers in Cyhrla near Zakopane. Bogdan Dziadzio and his wife Barbara Baniecka-Dziadzio, who also paints on glass, present their art in their private gallery at Ubocz 22 in Zakopane.

photos: Adrian Krawczyk