Bożena Doleżuchowicz-Mickiewicz was born in Zakopane, where she spent her childhood and youth. From her father, Adam Doleżuchowicz, a well-known artist, sculptor and painter on glass, she inherited her interest in art, crafts, and, above all, painting on glass. She is a graduate of the Antoni Kenar Secondary School of Fine Arts in Zakopane. Shortly after graduation, she emigrated to Sweden, where she spent a large period of her life. There she developed her painting on glass technique and presented her work at several exhibitions in Stockholm and Uppsala. She returned to Poland in 2004 and settled in her grandparents’ house in Kościelisko. A characteristic feature of Bożena Doleżuchowicz-Mickiewicz’s painting style is her perfect observation of the natural world and sensitivity to detail. These cause the traditional Podhale style to gain a special dimension in her paintings, not only thanks to the subjects such as flowers or birds (which are unusual for traditional painting on glass originating from Podhale), but also because of the interesting compositions and bold colors. Her works are on display in many galleries, private collections and at annual exhibitions.

photos: Adrian Krawczyk