Barbara Gał was born in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz and grew up in Lower Silesia. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. During her studies, she met her future husband Józef, a graphic artist and highlander from the Tatra Mountains. Together they settled in Gliczarów Górny. There she is a teacher at a local school, where she has conducted art classes for decades. She was also a cross-country skiing coach at the Academic Sports Association in Zakopane. She has been painting on glass for over thirty years. She captures the customs, rituals and genre scenes of the Podhale region, and also paints stylized Madonnas and angels. Her style is characterized by reflections of light on clothes or in interiors, something unusual for folk painting. Barbara Gał presents her works at annual collective exhibitions of Podhale artists. She also had her first individual exhibition in 1999. The artist has repeatedly participated in “Sabałowe Bajanie” and other festivals, and conducted workshops on painting on glass. Barbara Gał’s studio and gallery is located in Gliczarów Górny,
at ul. Matygówka 16.

photos: Adrian Krawczyk